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me works bv Halsteren provides an extensive number of services to its customers for optimal transport, storage and processing of the products that are entrusted to it.


ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN has its own jetty, a long jetty, for mooring sea and inland vessels. There, sea and inland vessels of up to 230 meters in length can moor, with a depth of up to 11.5 meters, so that even deep ships can unload directly and quickly ashore.


ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN can load and unload your products in various ways. The jetty offers the possibility for loading and unloading sea and inland vessels. ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN also has various loading and unloading stations for trucks. The lead time per truck is approximately 30 minutes, so there are no annoying waiting times!

In addition, ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN has heating points with the option of heating ISO containers and containers with a flexibag.


ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN has a high-tech weighbridge for trucks up to a maximum of 60 tons, to be able to weigh all incoming and outgoing goods.


To be able to monitor and monitor the quality of our customers' products on location, ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN has its own laboratory, located at the terminal. A test sample can be tested here at the request of the customer.

Inline Mixing

In addition to heating products, ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN also offers the possibility to mix the products. This is done with the help of two indoor tanks, precisely tailored to the wishes of the customer, which can contribute to the added value of the product.


ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN offers its customers the option of having their products heated during storage. This technical service is ideally suited to maintain the quality of certain products and can be perfectly realized in combination with one of our other services.

Inland Transportation

Getting your cargo to the right port or warehouse is just as crucial as getting it across the sea. That’s why we’ve added Inland Transportation to our integrated and end-to-end logistics service. Whether by road, rail or barge – our team will find the best route and mode of transportation for your cargo; coordinating with your suppliers to make the process simple and efficient.

With inland transportation, we now offer a full-service solution – covering the whole supply chain from door to port and port to door. With all your logistics in one place, you can focus on your business, safe in the knowledge that your cargo is in the hands of a reliable partner.


ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN provides the storage of bulk products and packaged products. For example, the inline filling line offers the possibility to process the bulk storage in a simple manner to, for example, an IBC packaging.


In addition to storing products, ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN can also organize transport for its customers. Products can be easily and quickly transported to and from the storage by means of trucks. This is possible, for example, with Bidon-Fritom, with whom we have a close collaboration. But of course you are always free to arrange your own transport.

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