Striving for a safe, healthy and sustainable work environment


Providing a safe, healthy and sustainable work environment.


Health, Safety, Environment &

ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN considers a safe, healthy workplace extremely important. We take this responsibility very seriously, as well as maintaining high quality for all products. In doing so, we take into account the needs of customers, government and other stakeholders. Nature and the environment are also part of these stakeholders, so that we always work in a sustainable way.

HSEQ as a whole is therefore a fundamental item in the planning and execution of our daily activities.


Protecting the health of our employees and the quality of the product is our number one priority. We do this by making ourselves aware of the essence of health and using daily preventive measures to prevent possible dangerous situations. Naturally, we are also focused on monitoring the quality of the stored products.


Safety guarantees the health of the employees and contractors at WORKS BV HALSTEREN This applies to both the staff and the entire process. Processing large quantities of animal and vegetable oils and fats involves a number of complicated processes that the operator must be aware of. The employees of MEWORKSBV are all VOL VCA certified - with which the employees demonstrate that they have basic knowledge about safety, health and the environment and that they can apply this knowledge. We also endorse and apply the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code .


By being the green logistics service provider with a tank terminal, we show that we always take the environment into account in the implementation of our processes.

Our ambition is to be closely involved with the bio-economy in Chemport Europe Netherlands and therefore always to align with the environment and the policy that all of Chemport Europe Netherlands supports.


WORKS BV HALSTEREN is aware of the importance of quality preservation and value enhancement of the products. That's why we always treat the customer's products very carefully and offer a wide range of machining options. We can monitor and analyze the quality maintenance on request by means of test samples in our laboratory. WORKS BV HALSTEREN also has a well-equipped workshop that provides maintenance and innovative improvements to the storage tanks, infrastructure and services.


Operating in a sustainable manner is an important part of MWORKS BV HALSTEREN's mission. This is reflected in its objectives, such as the receipt of bio-based raw materials, the interweaving of technical infrastructures and the storage of green energy sources. We also want to achieve this in collaboration with Chemport Europe Netherlands, in order to further grow Groningen's sustainable bio-economy. WORKS BV HALSTEREN actively counteracts the depletion of finite raw material stocks and encourages the use of green energy sources, such as the use of residual heat. In this way we contribute to the environmental objectives and a liveable, healthy future with perspective.

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