Sustainable custom solutions due to excellent connections.


Sustainable custom solutions due to excellent connections.

The Green Tank Terminal

ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN's core activity is to provide a solution for storage and transport of animal and vegetable oils and fats. When these products arrive they are stored in our steel or stainless steel storage tanks in Netherlands.

The current total storage and processing capacity is 39,000 m3, divided over tanks from 50 m³ to almost 5,000 m³. We also have our own jetty, which makes it possible to moor ships. Our storage capacity, infrastructure and additional services ensure that ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN can deliver tailor-made solutions that suit the customer's ambitions.

More than just storing

Protecting the health of our employees and the quality of the products is our number one priority. We do this by making ourselves aware of the essence of health and using daily preventive measures to prevent possible dangerous situations.

Naturally, we are also focused on maintaining the quality of the customer's product. We can monitor both safety and quality maintenance by means of our laboratory, where we can analyze products at the request of the customer.

Products that can be stored with us include:

The Future & Ambition

ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN's objective is to be the full-service green logistics service provider with a focus on the bio-economy. ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN not only expects to be able to realize healthy growth with the interweaving / interlinking of technical infrastructures, but above all it sees it as an opportunity to enter into lasting relationships with its customers.

It is also our ambition to lay a pipeline to Chemport Europe in Netherlands, so that Chemport Europe will have a second jetty at its disposal. This is also in line with our overall sustainability strategy, with which we respond to the increasing demand for a sustainable logistics solution for bio-based raw materials

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