An independent storage partner
for animal and vegetable oils and fats

We provide the solution for the storage and transport of animal and vegetable oils and fats. ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN can deliver custom solutions in the field of mixing, heating and / or packaging. The unique location then offers great possibilities with regard to transport to the Netherlands and abroad, especially towards Northern, Central and Eastern Europe. Moreover, WORKS BV HALSTEREN is currently expanding at lightning speed and focuses on the use of 100% natural raw materials. The interweaving of technical infrastructures makes exploration of new, promising market segments an attractive option.



At ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN chemical storage & shipments are bundled: The Chemilog business unit develops and implements transportation and logistics solutions for chemical products, for both dangerous goods and harmless substances.


ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN has one of the world's largest fleets exclusively dedicated to the transport and storage of foodstuffs. The portfolio includes the storage & transportation of high-quality liquid foodstuff, from loading to unloading and in compliance with the most stringent hygienic requirements.


ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN offers storage & logistics services for gases used in the fields of technology, medicine, aviation industries, etc. Because of its expertise WORKS BV HALSTEREN can provide all gas storage & logistics services from a single source.


ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN is the leading provider of quality Tank storage, transport and logistics services for the petroleum industry in eleven European countries.

Supply Chain Solutions

The Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) business line undertakes entire logistics processes, both in customers’ plants and off-site, and develops solutions and optimisations for challenging logistics tasks

Tank Storage and Logistics

ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN owns around 37,000 tank containers and over 6,100,000 Cubic metres Tank Storage Facilities. From standardized tank Farm and containers to custom in-house developments for special products. ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN covers a broad range of customer requirements.

IBC Logistics

Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are an ideal alternative between a drum and a tanker to transport liquid products. The range of IBC Services ME WORKS BV HALSTEREN offers includes fleet management, rental, transport, cleaning, maintenance and repair

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